Baby, Toddler and Parent Models Needed!


Boon Inc and Keen Distribution need YOU!!!!

A friend of mine just contacted me and asked if I knew of any families that might be interested in helping out with a photo shoot they are doing in the next three weeks.  Of course I thought of all of our SMB Readers!!!!  Here’s what they need:

Baby models (age 6 months – 2.5 years)

Oh – and they need cute moms and dads too! 🙂

Email them at [email protected] and include a current photo, age of child and child’s clothing size.

Stay tuned for more info about Boon and their awesome products on SMB…


  1. Oh no! The email failed to deliver! I tried it with Hotmail, and also my gmail account too!!!! Is there a way we can email you and have you forward it to their personal email? I wonder why the email won’t work?


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