Pampered: bleu pond spa in Old Town


Today, I was completely spoiled with a facial and massage at bleupond spa located in Old Town.  First, you should know that I’ve NEVER had a facial NOR have I had a professional massage.  I didn’t know what to expect…

Lanaya carefully explained where I should put my things and then left the room.  I looked around the room.  Put my things in the little basket she gave me.  Then I looked around for a place to put my shoes.  Okay, I thought, I’ll tuck them away by the wall.  It was at this time that I may or may not have bonked my head on the self holding all the candles that was on the wall where I thought I’d put my shoes.  And then I may or may not have broken some of the candle holders in the process.  And if this happened at all, there might have been wax all over the place including my arms…  Let’s just say in my effort to be cool, I melted.  Oops.

Once the hot wax was cleaned up and my dignity restored`, Lanaya sweetly explained to this novice all that she was going to do.  It was wonderful to learn about what to look for when buying skin care products and even household chemicals… Tip: don’t use items that contain “parabens”.

She also did a wonderful manual exfoliation technique called dermaplaning.  AZ Spa Girls explains dermaplaning as when “the aesthetician uses a tool very similar to a scalpel to eliminate dead skin and tiny hairs. The treatment leaves your complexion super smooth and ripe for serums and makeup application.”  It felt refreshing to have all that goo removed from my face!

No other real mishaps – other than my husband was at home watching BOTH Reagan AND Nora… So, during my amazing deep tissue massage, I kept wondering if the girls woke up on time, did Kevin remember to feed them the right things at the right times and did he know how long I’d be gone?  My muscles have been pretty sore from CrossFit so the deep tissue was just what the Dr. ordered.  (Not to mention my feet are STILL hurting from wearing my tiny 2 inch “comfy heels” at Moms’ Night Out… clearly I need to get out more often.)  Sigh.  I feel great now!

Oh, and I came home to two girls with FRESHLY changed diapers!  One was eating lunch and the other was waiting patiently for her lunch, while also stalking the one eating.  Oh, and there was a pile of laundry in the middle of the floor.  (Kevin was sweetly trying to get it all put away before I got home, but the girls made a game out of playing in the basket and pulling out the clean clothes… hey, it’s the thought that counts!)

Great day to get pampered at the spa (and at home)!!



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