Maternity Fashion Tips with Jenny


Everyone has a friend that is out-to-HERE pregnant, but looks incredible in her clothes all the time.  And everyone dislikes that friend.  It’s OK, we can nod our heads in agreement, it’s not personal chic-while-preggo-friend, we just can’t handle our envy the way you handle your ever-changing form.   But let’s take a look at what she’s doing, and then copy the tricks!  Put away your backstabbing knives, ladies, we can all be that friend, and all enjoy the envious scorn brought on by it!  How exciting!

Tip #1

Dark Wash Wide Leg Jeans

There are two very simple rules to looking slimmer in jeans:  go darker and go wide leg.  By wearing a wide leg (meaning same wide width from hip to ankle) you’re creating a seamless, steamlined line on your leg, which elongates and avoids bulges/ripples/tugging/squeezing.   Dark wash works the same way we all work our black clothing, shaded areas appear smaller than highlighted ones.  Find a great pair that both work on your tummy AND your legs during this time.


Tip #2

Simple styles and colors.

Right now is not the time to rock zebra print tops and hot pink patterns, nor is it the time to try out some new one-strap shoulder trendy getup.  Your very best bet to looking put together and chic while your body changes more than Lady Gaga’s hair, is to stick with simple shapes and colors, and then use your purses/jewelry/shoes to punch up your outfit.  Look closely at pregnant celebrities when they look great in their everyday clothes—it’s because they’re  going simple.


Tip #3

Don’t go crazy on maternity gear until you need to

For the first few months of your pregnancy, you don’t need to suddenly only start wearing baby-doll mu-mus and elastic-waist jeans.  Most normal styles, maybe a size or two bigger, are going to work just fine.  Dresses, shirts unbuttoned over a fitted t, and long cardigans look great on your newly rounded shape!  Take “maternity” out of your fashion vocabulary, dress your body, not your medical definition.


Tip #4

Embrace the Shape

You are gorgeous right now!  Did Gisele Bundchen wear a bunch of baggy clothes to cover up her newly non-flat tummy?  Does Heidi Klum own anything loose fitting?  No way!  These ladies (yes, I know they’re supermodels, but you are too!) embraced their shape and didn’t shy away from form-fitting  pieces.  Does this mean I hope to see a bevy of pregnant bare midriffs showing at the mall? Oh my, no.  But it does mean that when you go try on a dress, let it cling to your beach ball belly if it’s a cute dress made to hug your body!  It’s not like you need to hide your condition!  Rock it our mama, you’re  a glowing goddess!


Jenny P. Graves comes to us from the amazing Kimberly Jarman Studio where you’ve probably seen her Fashion Frenzy Friday blogs on their site.  By day Jenny is the studio manager for Kim Jarman and by night she is a freelance writer for  She is obsessed with day spas, dancing, reading, and anything relating to cute outfits and reasons to wear them!


  1. FYI, Coming Event Maternity and Belly Boutique are unfortunately no longer in business. They just couldn’t make it when the going got tough 🙁

    I think the only option left in the north valley is Destination Maternity at the Scottsdale 101 shopping center!


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