Giveaway: Cheeky Bebe Carseat Cooler from Moonbeams


Don’t you just love it when someone comes up with a product that makes you think “Why didn’t I think of that?!”? Well – you’re all in for a treat ladies!  We have a local momma that’s doing just that.  Love me some entrepreneurial momma’s!

Introducing – the Cheeky Bebe Car Seat Cooler.  WHAT?  Yes – a carseat cooler! I know – it sounds too good to be true, huh?!

With temperatures in our cars nearing 150 degrees at times, I’m sure you all have noticed how hot our little one’s car seats (not to mention the buckles) can become.  Well Scottsdale Moms – we’ve found the perfect solution – the Cheeky Bebe Car Seat Cooler (sold at Moonbeams).  Made of durable external fabric and Thermo Guard reflective padding for maximum insulation, this car seat cooler keeps your car seat icy cool. Just keep the ice packs in your freezer before leaving, then place them in the car seat cooler pockets and away you go.

It’s really a must have for all Arizona Moms!  I know I can’t wait to get my hands on one.  Nora practically starts sweating the minute I put her in her car seat these days.

Now for the GIVEAWAY details.  SMB has partnered with Moonbeams to giveaway a Cheeky Bebe Car Seat Cooler (value of $48!!!) Like all of our giveaways, you have to do a little something…


In it to WIN IT:

  • Post a comment here telling us which product from the Moonbeams website you would especially love to have.
  • Giveaway ends Wednesday, July 7th at midnight. Winner is chosen randomly and will be announced here as soon as they’ve accepted the prize. Good luck, everyone!


  1. I have to say that the last several days there have been quite a few tears about the hot buckles on her carseat, despite my amateur methods to try to keep it cool. So the moonbeams product that get’s my vote is the carseat cooler! As an AZ mom, I can see how this is a must have!

  2. Hi! Wow, what a great idea & products. Seems like a “must have” living in Arizona! I would love to have this and from MB’s website … I would love the Aiden & Anais blankets. Even though I already have 4, these are the absolute best blankets around! I buy them for every new mom now!

  3. The car seat cooler would be the best item to have at the moment. They are cuter than others I’ve seen and it really is a MUST here in AZ.

  4. I would say either the car seat cooler or the muslin swaddling blankets. The car seat cooler seems like a great idea, I have a 5 month old and it’s SO hot for her in the car seat! The muslin swaddling blankets are the best for a tight swaddle though!

  5. Honestly – I would most love to have the car seat cooler you show as a feature. The brown one they show on the site is cute but I especially love the pink paisley in the picture on this post! What a great idea for the oven we live in!

  6. I love the car seat coolers – Moonbeams have the best fabric compared to the ones I have seen in other places.
    Now can they make something that prohibits me from snapping my baby’s chubby legs in his car seat buckle? Ouch – needed that this week!

  7. I have never used a car seat cooler before but I think my 4 year old would most definitely love that item the most from the website. However, as we are in the process of waiting to adopt a newborn, I would love to have custom bedding made for him/her. Since we don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl, it’s difficult to plan but hopefully we will get to meet our new family member soon!

    Thanks for such a “cool” giveaway!

  8. After looking at their website, I still think that the carseat cooler is the biggest ‘must have’ for any Arizona mom. Especially for someone who, like me, doesn’t have a garage! That would be such a help in keeping the seat cool, so that I don’t have to lug the carseat out of the car to avoid baby getting burned.

  9. Used the swaddle blanket with my kiddos…such a Godsend! Loved having them! Would love to get one for my next baby shower (that I attend, not that I have myself!!!)…

  10. the car seat cooler is the best product on their website. i wish they made them in grown-up sizes too!

  11. I love the car seat cooler, but my newest little guy (10 days old) LOVES to be swaddled so, I think the swaddle blanket would be great too!!! 🙂

  12. Love the car seat cooler! You’re right, that’s one nifty idea that makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that.” but it also has me saying, “Wohoo! Thank God for someone who did!” 🙂

  13. With it now officially above 100 I have to say the car seal cooler is a must have. I will start the car 5 or so mins before I load my baby in the car and it still doesn’t really seem to help. The car seat cooler is my choice of what to have from moonbeams.

  14. What a cute site! The car seat coolers would be ideal to have in these hot summer months so I would choose one of those to “especially have”. 🙂 But I have heard great things about the Muslin swaddling blankets and also the Twilight Turtle (which is on our list for the big boy bed transition). 🙂

  15. The car seat Cooler IS my favorite item at Moonbeams right now because I have been contemplating getting one for weeks now! I work full time but part time from home and part time from the office so every day I have to leave at noon to go pick up the munchkins. My 23 month old daughter always says, “Ouchie…Hot!” everytime I put her in the car seat….hence why I have been contemplating getting one of these! So happy you have it on as a giveaway! Here’s to hoping I win! 🙂

  16. Everything is great, but I love the little turtle that lights up AND truly, with this heat, the carseat cooler is amazing!!!!! Once little Gavin is out of the NICU he has many, many car trips ahead to the hospital/doctors and it would help so much!!

  17. I would have to say living in AZ now, that tinted windows only does so much. Having to little ones at home with me and having to leave on a somewhat planned trip to the store does have it’s limits. The entire seat is hot, the car is hot, the buckles searing, and blankets don’t work. I would love to have the new Cheeky Bebe Car Seat Cooler, a his and her set if possible. Just kidding. But having two means I will have to get both because that wouldn’t be fair would it? Great idea!

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