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Sola Coffee Bar’s relaxing atmosphere hosted our second mom’s event allowing me to do two of my favorite things: drink coffee & chat with friends. Six mommies and six babies came to Sola to connect with one another. Personally, I always leave feeling encouraged, stimulated by conversation, and looking forward to the next event!

While at Sola, I had the chance to think to myself what I could bring to keep a ten month old entertained. Although I did bring toys and snacks for him, the seemingly best entertainment was his baby friends! Women can be quite the multi-taskers by nature. However, if it’s natural for you, to be eyeing your baby while trying to chat with a friend, I thought of a great solution! Although it sounds silly, in our hectic day we might not do it enough. So, if you leave an event and feel you didn’t get a chance to finish a conversation, take some time that week to call the person. Maybe you can meet again in the comfort of a home or just chat on the phone. It’s just another opportunity to deepen a friendship.

Thanks to all the Mommies and babies who came out to Sola yesterday! Sure enjoyed our chats and love hearing how other moms do the same things I’m doing a little differently.

Looking forward to the next event July 14 at noon!  Check out our Qlubb page to get involved!


Jenet is joyfully  married to hubby William. She loves spending her days at home with Carter (August 09) and furry friend Colton (2yr). In her spare time Jenet loves to cook, read, bargain shop and dive into
crafts.  Learn more about Jenet here.



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