MomsGroup at Montelucia Resort


Our first meeting as a moms’ group, we ventured to Montelucia Resort. The pool is stunning, surrounded by waterfalls and numerous lounge chairs. About ten mommas with babies (and preschoolers) in tow showed up to the poolside party!

When going to Montelucia Resort to swim, take into consideration:

  • They’ve opened their pool to local residents for the summer! In doing so, they’re hoping to gain revenue. So grab a salad or smoothie while you’re lounging in the sun.
  • Also, if you forget your towel, don’t worry! I know I did! They have beautiful, large yellow beach towels awaiting you.
  • The cabanas are private. I found this out the hard way. Once I realized it was a $75 fee to use the cabana, we quickly moved our bags to the chaise lounges.
  • It’ll be easy to find shade under the big umbrellas!
  • Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen.  Don’t know which one to choose?  Try Susan Brown’s Baby natural sunscreen… and their based in Chandler!!  (You can buy it in Scottsdale at Moonbeams.)
  • There are many shallow ends of the water. So when you’re holding baby or toddler, you won’t have to worry about balancing too much.
  • If you have small baby, look into this water sling. Our friend, Carrington, wore this sling with baby Thatcher (4 months) in it and he even fell asleep!
  • Lastly, all babies loved the water! And, the beach balls Montelucia already had waiting for us was icing on the cake.

Scottsdale Moms Blog Moms Group was founded on a very simple premise. We are passionate about connecting moms with other moms. We want to encourage relationships with people who are in a similar place of life with you. Personally, the best advice I’ve gained is not from books. It’s from other moms who have been where I am at in life. If you want to get involved or come to an event, please check out our site. There are no fees to join or commitments to make. We’re hosting two events per month so join us whenever your schedule allows!

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Jenet is joyfully  married to hubby William. She loves spending her days at home with Carter (7mo) and furry friend Colton (2yr). In her spare time Jenet loves to cook, read, bargain shop and dive into
crafts.  Learn more about Jenet here.



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