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Pregnancy Fashion.  Oxymoron?  No!!!!  I know all you pretty ladies feel like maternity shopping, or post-maternity shopping, means that for the next year you’re going to be wearing really lame, plain clothes and nothing is going to fit your ever-changing shape and you won’t look hot for 9-12 months.  But this is soooooo untrue!  Pregnant girlies can be total hotties too, and I want you to take a deep breath, remember you’re a walking miracle right now, and hold my hand.  We’ll get through this together.

I know your body is feeling hijacked and foreign, I know your size changes every two weeks, and I know you have been invited to some event that is hanging over your head in this crazy time period that makes you lose sleep at night while you wonder, “What am I going to wear to that??!!!”  I can’t fix everything, but I can tell you some great places to hit up for the best styles, cuts, and understanding salesladies.  I promise you, this fashion issue doesn’t need to be the top of your worry list, we can turn it over to the professionals.

Gap Maternity- Online:

Ok this first one is about convenience.  First off, you can’t get easier and cuter than the all-American stylings of Gap.  Their online maternity department is amazing for one major reason:  free returns!  Your body is a virtual shape-shifter right now, and the size that fits you at one shop will never translate to another, so to know that you can order a few things, try them on, and ship them back for free if they don’t fit is a God-send!  Use this for your basics:  jeans, t-shirts, jackets, sundresses, etc.  The staple for your maternity closet that don’t need hours of style consultation and turn into weeks of wear.

Pea in a Pod:

I’m sure you all already know this is a great spot, but let’s make sure it’s not left off the list.  For trendier, dressier, and more fun pieces, head over to Pea in a Pod.  They spend so much time pulling in designers that not only create for function, but also keep style at the forefront.  I know you want to feel like you’re in stretchy leggings and a t-shirt while you’re in a pair of tight jeans, and this is the closest you’re going to get to it.  If you need a dress for an event or a few things to add some more fun to your staples, head on over.  These ladies are SUPER helpful and their designs are really great. PS—their swimwear is sooooo cute right now!!!

Unbuttoned Maternity

If funky and fashion and style are your middle names, log on to Unbuttoned Maternity.  With J Brand jeans and the coolest rocker T’s from Rock Me Mama, this site has it all.  They have every single category of clothing, as well as pages of resources that every mom-to-be needs to know.  I mean, where else are you going to find a Sono Voso dress next to the Maternity Boyfriend Jean by Serfontaine?  Not many places!  This is where you need to head when you’re having one of those “I hate my body and my hair is all wrong and I just want to stay in bed” days, to remind yourself that clothes are FUN!

So there are a couple resources you sexy ladies, but try to remember that while you’re wrestling with your body to look right in clothes and stop causing you self-esteem breakdowns, it’s doing the most important job ever right now!  Yes, you might feel uncomfortable in some clothing, but let’s give our bodies a hand.  I mean, we can handle it,  we’re women, can you imagine if those simple creatures, men, had to do this?  Walk proud in your body, you’re amazing!

Local Boutiques:

Coming Event Maternity – 7000 E Mayo Blvd Ste 1002 Phoenix, AZ 85054 – 480.998.8016

Belly Boutique –   Ste 220, 8787 North Scottsdale Road   Scottsdale, AZ 85253 – 480.596.0767

Mimi Maternity –  7014 E Camelback Road,   Scottsdale, AZ 85251 – 480.421.9851

– JennyP Graves

Jenny P. Graves comes to us from the amazing Kimberly Jarman Studio where you’ve probably seen her Fashion Frenzy Friday blogs on their site.  By day Jenny is the studio manager for Kim Jarman and by night she is a freelance writer for  She is obsessed with day spas, dancing, reading, and anything relating to cute outfits and reasons to wear them!



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