Summer Camps 2010: 10 Camps that will blow your mind


When I think of “Summer Camp,” I think of college-aged counselors, candy, swim-time, free-time, hop-scotch and bunk-beds.  Sure, those camps are still around, but I’m fascinated by the non-traditional camps that expose children to new industries, explore science, language and art in ways that watching a movie or writing a paper just can’t capture.

So here are 10 Summer Camps that might be just what your emerging professional (insert talent here) needs to ignite a passion:

  1. International School of Arizona Spanish and French Summer Program (ages 3-7)
    This is an immersion program with lots of fun built-in.  You may choose a full or half day.  Children may sign up for one to nine weeks.  Check out all the details on this flyer.  Here’s another immersion program.
  2. Computer Camps at ASU (ages 7-17)
    What will computers be able to do when our kids grow up?  I don’t know, but we can give them a head start by using computers now.  iD Tech day and overnight camps at ASU teaches your Wii expert about video game design, computer programming and Web design.  Hey, if ya can’t beat ’em join ’em!  Learn about what program graduates are up to now here.
  3. Be a Farmer for a Week at Superstition Farm (ages 6-14)
    As city- folk, this is a great way for the young ‘uns to get a taste of country life.  “Green Acres is the place to be — Farm-livin’ is the life for me…”
  4. Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Architecture Camp (grades 5-12)
    Design, photography, sculpture and nature: campers get a lot out of this local treasure.  Check out the camp flyer.
  5. Eager Engineers Construction Camp for Hands-on Learners (grade 1-7)
    If you can’t pull your child away from the Leggos, then this might be the camp of his (or her) dreams.  Campers get the chance to build all kinds of cool stuff.  (Don’t let the Math-y website throw you, this camp is worth looking into.)
  6. Computer Game Design Camp (grades 3-10)
    If they are going to insist on playing video games, at least they can play one that they created… right?
  7. Camp Can-I-Cook (ages 6 and up)
    If you have been inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, then this is a great way to get your kids into the kitchen!Camps Outside of Arizona, but it’s too hot to be here anyway.
  8. Tinkering School (5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Child Do) (ages 6-18) Various Locations
    This camp looks so wonderful, plus it’s in Connecticut in the summer.  Hands-on learning + cooler weather = perfection
    Currently enrolling for summer.
  9. The Shelter Institute (ages 14+) Woolwich, Maine
    Learn how to build a house… seriously.  This might be a good father/son or mother/daughter bonding experience, but building a home and then wiring it ain’t somethin’ they can teach in Scottsdale schools.
  10. New York Film Academy Summer Film and Acting Camps (ages 10-17)
    Kids learn from the best at the New Your Film Academy.  This might be a family vay-cay as well since this is not a resident camp.

For all summer camps, be sure to check with them about refund/payment options in case something comes up unexpectedly (i.e. family emergency, illness etc).

Happy Camp Hunting!


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