Pregnancy + Chiropractor = Wonderful


When I broke down and finally went to see Dr. Jones I was almost 8 months into my pregnancy.  What broke me was the zinger I got in my right leg and through my right hip (ouch!) each time I stood up.  When I went in, it wasn’t really what I expected… it was better.

Dr. Jones isn’t a “cracker.”  He uses a method of feeling the spine, neck and joints and gently (or sometimes ouch-i-ly) moves them back into place.  He talks a lot about strengthening the back, hips, joints etc. so that it doesn’t slip back into its uncomfortable ways.  I have to say that he made me a believer in chiropractic philosophy.

What was so great?

Well, I started off by going in for adjustments about twice a week.  I continued this frequency through the last month of my pregnancy.  The adjustments slowly helped ease my zingers.  At the end of  pregnancy, the body is constantly changing and preparing for delivery (which is why I went in so often).  The adjustments were aiding my body’s preparation for delivery.

My last adjustment was on a Friday.  Dr. Jones told me he expected I’d have her over the weekend.  He could tell that my hips were relaxing and aligning to get that little girl out:-)  Reagan was born on Sunday morning.  He says, usually, doctors don’t get to the hospital fast enough because his patients don’t have to wait for their pelvis and hips to line up (because they are already aligned).  (My labor was about 5 hours long.  For a first time mother, that’s pretty stinkin’ fast!) 

Often times, vacuum or forceps are used in delivery because the hips get stuck as they widen to let baby through the canal.  This causes all kinds of craziness.  And being properly aligned reduces the risk of a C-section!  Woo Hoo!

I’m just sayin’ that I’m so glad I heard about this wonderful kind of prenatal care!  What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share such a great find with you?

So, what should you look for when searching for a chiropractor who will give you results like I got?

  • Do they use the Thompson Method?
  • No cracking, popping or snapping!
  • Ask if they work on pregnant women regularly (Dr. J is a chatter box, but he and everyone in the office are so sweet and comfortable with growing bellies:-).
  • Find out if your insurance will cover it and what the cost will be each visit (you might be surprised, like I was, if your health insurance covers chiropractic care.)

Dr. Jones was also able to cure a runny nose and a major headache after Reagan was born.  And he helped Reagan’s major projectile-vomiting-reflux.  (More on that later.)

Maybe it’s still not for you.  But don’t say nobody told ya.


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