Online Radio Dance Party


Get out your dancing shoes and turn on the radio!  It’s time for a DANCE PARTY!

What you need:

  • The Internet (check)
  • Reckless Abandon (if you can’t find this go outside, take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the grass – I think it hides there)
  • Your kiddo(s)
  • Optional: costumes, hat, boa, mom’s shoes, something fancy, something random to help you really “feel” the music, a great twirly dress

1.  Go to Pandora Online Radio (it’s free or you can upgrade for cheaper than dirt for unlimited listening)
2.  Select a Radio Station (May I suggest: George Strait or Miranda Lambert Radio for some twangy tunes OR go international with Angélique Kidjo OR get jazzy with Dave Brubeck OR enjoy some pop culture with Beyoncé.)
3. Get your dance on!

Part of the fun is listening to music you wouldn’t usually listen to during the day, but it’s YOUR party and you can do what you want to.  Expose your kids (and you) to different cultures and encourage their creativity.

Enjoy this great weather and take your laptop or radio to the park and get dancin!

Need some inspiration?  Check out this baby dancing to Beyoncé.  Or watch the boy in the red shirt:



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