Friday Date Night – Pizzeria Bianco


Around the Phoenix area, Pizzeria Bianco is a bit of a legend.  Known as one of the best pizzeria’s in the country (yes – I did say country!), Pizzeria Bianco has been rated number one in the US by Bon Appétit, the New York Times and Vogue.  And just when you thought that C. Bianco’s pizzeria couldn’t get any more publicity, along comes Gourmet, Martha Stewart and Food + Wine to shed a little more light on this little Phoenix eatery. All three giving Pizzeria Bianco a huge media blitz which only hightened their status as a destination spot for both locals and visitors alike.  

The catch?  You’re looking at a 1-3 hour wait!! No joke.  Ouch!  Well, you’ll just have to deal with it. Because foodies (including me and the hubby) all across the nation are truly addicted to Bianco’s scrumptious pies.  

tip:  If you’d rather skip the long wait, make plans with another 2-4 couples (reservations are for 6-10 people) and plan a Friday Date Night a month in advance (no joke – it usually takes at least that long to get a weekend reservation).  Your bellies will thank me.  Pizzeria Bianco really does deserve all of the hype!

Website. Pizzeria Bianco

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There’s still time to enter our GIVEAWAY!! Contest ends tonight at midnight. 

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  1. I’ve always wanted to eat here! I knew they didn’t take reservations, but didn’t know you could get one for 6-10 people. Thanks for the tip! Now I have no excuse not to go…

    -Kristin at Hotel Valley Ho


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