Resource Find: Skype


Let’s hear it for technology – hip, hip, horray!  So happy we live in the 21st century! 

One of my favorite mom-techy (if that’s even a word) resource finds is Skype.  For those unfamilar with this, Skype (pronounced /ˈskaip/) is a software application that allows users to make voice calls and video conferencing over the Internet. We use it solely for video conferencing.  And the best part? It’s FREE!!!  That’s assuming you have an external web cam or one built into your computer. If not, the external web cams can be bought for fairly inexpensive. All you have to do is download their free software, register for a skype name and then you’re ready.

Personally we have loved Skype as it has successfully helped us keep our long distance relationships (both family and friends) seem not so far away. In all honesty, Nora skypes with family and friends at least 2x/day.  No joke.  We love it. 

Get Skype today.  Your long-distance family will LOVE that you did.

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Take your kids to the local park today. And bring SKYPE too!  For those with an iPhone, Droid or laptop w/ a wireless card it’s sooooo easy. Just pack it with the PB&J and let Gma and Gpa enjoy the park with you too! The more, the merrier, right?!!



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