Scottsdale Public Libraries: Kid-friendly Activities


I realize that it is no mystery that Scottsdale has a public library (five in fact) but could you tell me five activities that the library has for children?  Stumped?  Okay name two.  Yeah, I couldn’t either.

Imagine my surprise and joy (hehe) upon learning about the FREE (well, kind of) resources available Monday-Saturday. This is a great way to get out of the house AND it’s educational for everyone and the perfect way to meet other moms and kiddos in your neighborhood!

So, without further ado, here are not five, but TEN activities you can do with your children through the Scottsdale Public Library and it won’t cost ya a dime:

1.  Shake, Rattle & Roll (all libraries/all ages)
     – The Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’m a Little Teacup and many more tunes for kiddos to sing and dance to
2.   Tiny Tot Time (all libraries/all ages)
     – Rhymes and songs that helps children get ready to read
3. Preschool Storytimes (Arabian, Appaloosa, Mustang/ages 3-5)
     – A great place to practice sitting in a group while listening to stories and music
4.  Picture Books and Museum Looks (Mustang & Palomino starting April 9/ ages 3-5)
     – Reading + Art = perfection… I can’t wait for Reagan to be old enough for this one
5. Sock Puppets (all libraries – one day only in March/April/ages 6-11)
     – I love a good show, how much fun for kiddos to use their imaginations and make their own stories!
6. Reptiles of Arizona (all libraries – one day only in April/ages 6-11)
     – Ewwww, I don’t want to touch it, but I am so curious to learn about our reptilian neighbors.
7.  Chinese Tea Ceremony (all libraries – one day only in May/ages 6-11)
     – A great way to introduce your little American to the Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and practice your Chinese calligraphy too!
8.  Picturing America: Barn Dance (all libraries – one day only in April/ages 6-11)
     –   Get your boots and grab your hat and get your square dance on at the library!
9. Bilingual Storytimes at Paiute Neighborhood Center
     – Love it!
10.  The Noise Guy (Mustang, Civic Center – one day in May/ all ages)
     – Charlie William shares traditional and not-so-traditional stories in a fun new way.  Includes crazy comedy, parody, vocal sound impressions and silliness – and I like silliness

I didn’t link to each event because times vary by location.  So, go to the Scottsdale Public Library Events Calendar, select a library  and get out there.

Here’s a little challenge for you:  I double dog dare you to go to one NEW event at a library this month.

Pictured: Arabian Library


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