Friday Date Night – Delux Burger


Delux Burger

Upon moving to Arizona we were quickly introduced to Delux Burger (why no “e”?  I have no idea).  I was much like you and wondered to myself  “what is so deluxe about their beef”?  However, after our first meeting both A and I were hooked.  We now consider it one of our favorite places to eat and we go back often (and for those who know us – to go back to a place is a HUGE deal – there are just far too many new places to try)

Delux Burger

Delux has been open for a number of years and has garnered numerous “Best Burger” accolades from the local press including the 2005 Phoenix Magazine Best Burger and Fries.  This trendy neighborhood spot is open until 2 a.m. seven days a week. 

What would we recommend?  Be sure to at least try their signature Delux Burger (a natural ground beef burger topped with maytag and gruyere cheese, carmalized onion, organic arugula and an applewood bacon mixture).  And finally order an order of their fries, regular or sweet potato. They are crunchy and delicious and come in miniature grocery carts.  I’m getting hungry for Delux as I’m typing this post 🙂

If you do try Delux look for us – there’s a good chance we’ll also be out for a date night.  Happy Friday!

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